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88 98 Chevy Truck Rear Disc Brake Conversion

Leo, a seasoned automotive enthusiast, shares an in-depth walkthrough on transforming a Chevy pickup truck’s braking system from conventional drum brakes to a rear disc setup. This comprehensive guide delves into Leo’s journey, highlighting the considerations, parts required, step-by-step installation, and the nuanced adjustments needed for this conversion.

Undertaking this upgrade stemmed from Leo’s meticulous cost analysis. He initially scoured online markets, discovering the prohibitive expense of acquiring a new set of drum brake components for his truck. This realization prompted him to reconsider an earlier notion of switching to a rear disc braking system, an option previously dismissed due to its associated expenses.

Leo meticulously details the assembly, recommending essential parts and delineating optional components, offering viewers a comprehensive list for a seamless transition. He emphasizes the importance of precaution, urging viewers to exercise care and diligence while performing the conversion, assuring them of a rewarding outcome with attention to detail.

The meticulous process commences with jacking up the truck, followed by meticulous dismantling of the existing drum brake components. Leo skillfully maneuvers through the installation of brackets from Cunningham Machine, ensuring a secure fit without the need to remove the axles. He elaborates on nuances like differential cover removal, center pin extraction, and axle disengagement, providing valuable insights to simplify the process.

Leo’s attention to detail extends to every facet of the conversion. He meticulously illustrates the installation of seals, calipers, and rotors, underscoring the critical role of precision in securing these components. The intricate process of adjusting parking brake cables and fine-tuning the system receives Leo’s detailed attention, ensuring optimal functionality.

Additionally, Leo explores the nuances of the brake bleeding procedure, offering insights into the complexities and recommending a systematic approach to ensure an efficient outcome. Leo’s expertise shines as he discusses optional upgrades, such as the master brake cylinder modification and ABS system removal, elucidating their potential impact on brake performance.

Post-installation, Leo candidly shares his experiences after four months of driving with the upgraded braking system. He notes a significant improvement in braking performance, acknowledging residual sponginess while expressing heightened confidence in the vehicle’s safety and reduced braking distance.

In conclusion, Leo invites feedback from viewers, highlighting his dedication to sharing automotive insights. As he wraps up, he hints at future projects on his beloved truck and a vintage ’69 Camaro, promising viewers more engaging content.

Leo’s comprehensive and meticulous guidance ensures viewers gain invaluable insights, empowering them to undertake similar automotive projects with confidence and precision.