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Best Old Cars For Teens

When it comes to selecting the perfect vehicle for your teenage driver, safety is paramount. Consumer Reports (CR) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) have meticulously curated a list of top-performing used cars for teens in 2023. Let’s explore five standout vehicles that not only meet stringent safety criteria but also offer reliability and performance.

1. Nissan Rogue: A Stellar Choice for Young Drivers

Among the top contenders is the Nissan Rogue, hailed as an excellent choice for young drivers. Boasting user-friendly controls, a serene cabin, and impressive performance in IIHS crash tests, the Rogue has earned its place on the list. This crossover combines style with substance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience for teenagers.

2. Toyota Corolla: A Smart Pick for New Drivers

For those seeking a reliable and fuel-efficient option, the Toyota Corolla emerges as a smart pick. Exceling in both IIHS evaluations and CR’s rigorous tests, the Corolla not only provides excellent crash protection but also delivers stellar fuel economy. As we prioritize emergency handling capabilities, the Corolla proves its mettle, making it an ideal choice for novice drivers.

3. Honda Accord: Spacious and Safe

The Honda Accord, available in both coupe and hatchback versions, offers ample space for drivers and passengers. Not only does it score high in IIHS crash tests, but its outstanding outward visibility ensures a clear view of the road. Teen drivers can confidently navigate the streets in this reliable and spacious vehicle that combines safety with comfort.

4. Kia Soul: Safety Without Compromise

Priced at less than $7,000, the used Kia Soul stands out as an excellent option for safety-conscious individuals unwilling to compromise. Successfully passing IIHS crash testing and excelling in emergency braking tests conducted by CR, the Kia Soul ensures that young drivers can hit the road with peace of mind. Its straightforward controls and solid reliability further cement its place on the list.

5. Toyota Avalon: A Larger Option for Teen Drivers

For those teen drivers interested in a larger vehicle, the 2013 and 2014 model year Toyota Avalon emerges as a standout choice. A top performer in IIHS crashworthiness tests, the Avalon offers both standard and hybrid versions, excelling in fuel economy. Toyota’s reputation for reliability shines through, with Avalon owners reporting minimal issues, providing a hassle-free driving experience for new drivers.

A Comprehensive List of Top Picks

These five vehicles are just a glimpse into the 27 cars and SUVs that have secured a spot on our list of the best-used cars for teen drivers in 2023. Whether you prioritize compact efficiency or spacious comfort, our comprehensive list caters to diverse preferences. To explore every make and model that made the cut, visit Ensure your teen’s safety and satisfaction on the road with our expert-approved selection.

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