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Ford 9 Inch Big Bearing Vs Small Bearing

Exploring the Evolution of 9-Inch Rear Ends

Curry Enterprises stands at the forefront of innovation, manufacturing a diverse range of brand-new, custom-built 9-inch rear ends. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the distinctions between four key styles, unveiling their unique features and benefits.

The Legacy of 9-Inch Rear Ends

Since its inception in 1956, the 9-inch rear end has undergone numerous refurbishments and rebuilds. However, with time, many have deteriorated. Enter Curry Enterprises, advocating for a new approach—building rear ends from scratch.

Unveiling the Centurion Housing

Among the showcased designs, the Centurion Housing reigns as the pinnacle of popularity. Notable for its distinctive roundness and compactness, this housing serves admirably in diverse street rod applications. With a welded three-inch diameter tube, its structural integrity is commendable, making it ideal for standard street cars and hot rods.

Delving into the Hot Rod Housing

Mirroring the original 1957 Ford 9-inch, the Hot Rod Housing boasts a webbed feel and wider build. Its butt-welded style tube, with a 3/16-inch wall thickness, renders it suitable for mid-range horsepower applications. However, for higher horsepower or heavier vehicles, a more robust option emerges—the Centurion.

Evolution into the Centurion Design

Inspired by later model Fords, the Centurion stands as a testament to structural refinement. Featuring a notchback design, it prioritizes cooling efficiency by keeping the oil closer to the ring gear. Moreover, its meticulous welding process in three locations augments its structural integrity, catering to street and muscle cars.

Unveiling the Turn Nine: The Apex of Performance

For high-performance applications, Curry Enterprises presents the Turn Nine—a fabricated housing constructed from full chromoly. Its sheet metal fabrication, augmented by internal gussets, ensures unparalleled strength and rigidity. Moreover, its 30% weight reduction from standard F9 models enhances performance significantly.

Crafting for Performance: Chromoly Construction

The Turn Nine’s utilization of chromoly in a bent sheet metal style elevates its strength and rigidity. Internal gussets and a meticulous welding process not only prevent rotation but also reinforce its structural stability, ideal for high-stress applications.

Considerations and Options

Curry Enterprises offers a spectrum of options, catering to diverse needs. From standard street applications to drag races or autocross, each housing type is engineered with precision.


Curry Enterprises’ commitment to innovation shines through its range of 9-inch rear ends. Whether seeking structural integrity, cooling efficiency, or heightened performance, their diverse offerings cater to every automotive enthusiast’s needs.

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