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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 5.7 Hemi

Revamping a vehicle with a Gen 3 Hemi engine breathes new life into your ride. The prospect of a heart transplant for your car might seem daunting, but fear not. With meticulous planning and savvy spending, transforming your vehicle into a Hemi-powered beast can be remarkably affordable.

The Genesis of My Hemi Swapped Dodge Challenger

Let’s delve into the journey of my Gen 3 Hemi swapped Dodge Challenger. The core engine, a 5.7 Hemi from a 2005 Dodge Durango, paired with a six-speed manual from a 2015 Challenger, catalyzed this transformation. Throughout this process, the most common query directed at me was the total cost of the build. Surprisingly, I meticulously tracked all expenses, breaking down every cost incurred to enable a comprehensive analysis.

The Breakdown: Costs and Essentials

Essential Components for the Swap

The primary requisites for the Hemi swap into an older Mopar were minimal. Motor mounts, an oil pan with a center sump, a remote oil filter setup, and fuel system upgrades were integral. The total outlay for these crucial elements hovered around $2,200.

Computer and Wiring Harness

The most significant expenditure surfaced with the purchase of the Holley Terminator X computer and wiring harness, culminating in $1,234. However, exploring the stock computer route could trim expenses significantly.

Electrical and Miscellaneous Expenses

Ensuring a seamless integration demanded auxiliary purchases such as a fuse and relay block, battery cables, alternator modification, throttle body, air filter, electric radiator fans, and gauge replacements. These additional investments added up to roughly $1,000.

Drive Shaft Adjustment

An inevitable cost in any engine or transmission swap, the modification or procurement of a new drive shaft, factored in at around $300.

Enhancements and Optional Upgrades

Freshening Up the Engine

Enhancing the performance and longevity of a used Hemi required a gamut of replacements, including gaskets, seals, a water pump, timing chain kit, and more. Budgeting around $500 sufficed for these crucial refurbishments.

Performance and Transmission Upgrades

Upgrading the camshaft, valve springs, push rods, and headers for performance enhancements incurred a notable expense of approximately $2,500. Meanwhile, my significant project – the TR6060 6-speed manual transmission swap – encompassed numerous components, tallying up to nearly $5,000.

The Verdict: Total Investment

Combining the essential elements, enhancements, and optional upgrades, the cumulative cost of my Gen 3 Hemi swap clocked in at approximately $11,000. However, remember, the engine itself wasn’t included in this computation, but a strategic approach like acquiring a donor car could yield a virtually free 5.7 Hemi.

The Road Ahead

Despite the costs incurred, clocking 4,000 miles on my rejuvenated Challenger and subjecting it to various trials has been immensely gratifying. The sheer power, reliability, and satisfaction derived from this project outshine the expenditure.

Embrace the Journey

Undoubtedly, questions might arise about parts, strategies, or decisions made in this endeavor. Feel free to drop your queries, and I’ll gladly extend a helping hand.

A Work in Progress

This project isn’t finite. My Challenger’s evolution continues with planned suspension and performance upgrades on the horizon.

In conclusion, embarking on a Gen 3 Hemi swap is a testament to the blend of craftsmanship, strategic spending, and the thrill of automotive metamorphosis. The key takeaway: meticulous planning and prudent investments can pave the way for an exhilarating and budget-friendly vehicular transformation.

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