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How Much Is A Wide Body Kit For A Charger

Welcome back! Today, let’s delve into a transformative journey – the installation of an Icon Motorsports body kit. I’ve recently undergone this modification and wanted to share the intricate details, addressing both the highlights and considerations.

Initial Impressions

The journey began with excitement and a touch of apprehension. The body kit promised a stunning transformation, yet it came with its set of nuances. However, a massive shoutout is due to 4A Nassau, whose expertise in installation and painting made this venture possible.

Unveiling the Icon Motorsports Kit

The Icon Motorsports body kit is an epitome of precision. The sleek body lines are commendable, accentuating the vehicle’s aesthetics. However, a slight setback was noticed in the driver’s side skirt – a minor flaw amid an otherwise flawless fitment.

Cost Analysis

Let’s talk numbers. The investment for this upgrade hovered around $1700-$1800, inclusive of all essentials and inserts. However, a key note here: while this expenditure might seem substantial, the comprehensive kit makes it a one-time expense, ensuring a holistic transformation.

Time Frame and Realistic Expectations

From order to acquisition, the entire process spanned roughly three to four weeks. An essential insight for prospective upgraders – patience is pivotal, considering the meticulousness demanded by such modifications.

Paintwork Conundrum

A crucial aspect often overlooked is the paint blending. While the original paint’s resilience after seven years is commendable, a slight disparity with the new B5 shade hints at the necessity for blending, especially for older vehicles.

Additional Considerations

4A Nassau’s craftsmanship for blending and painting comes at a cost – approximately $3000. This serves as a gentle reminder of the labor-intensive nature of such enhancements, especially when opting against blending.

Wheel Upgrade Essentials

Beyond the body kit, attention shifts to the wheels. A critical aspect of the transformation, these wide body wheels with a negative 2.5 offset are imperative. Attempting alternatives, like spacers, might compromise the overall integrity.

Fender Alterations: My Experience

An interesting facet – contrary to expectations, I did not opt for fender cuts. However, a caveat emerges for those contemplating adjustments in the ride height or tire-wheel configuration. Such alterations could result in fender flaring issues, necessitating careful consideration.

Installation Insights

The installation process adopted by 4A Nassau involved a robust automotive glue application. While non-invasive, this method ensures a sturdy attachment, reflecting the permanence of the modification.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the roadmap for this project includes forced air integration and subsequent tuning. Furthermore, I plan to explore the blending aspect further, aiming to elevate the Charger’s appearance to a show car standard.

Conclusion: Worth the Investment?

In retrospect, the Icon Motorsports body kit, coupled with complementary upgrades, embodies a substantial investment. The choice between trading for a wide-body or investing in enhancements demands meticulous evaluation, balancing desires with fiscal prudence.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while the journey has been marked by expenses and considerations, it aligns with my dedication to evolving my RT Charger. This transformation ensures a personal touch, steering clear of the complexity of acquiring a new vehicle.

Stay Tuned!

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