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How To Secure A Generator From Being Stolen

Investing in a generator is a substantial step towards preparedness, ensuring you have power during outages or emergencies. However, safeguarding this investment is crucial. Here, we’ll delve into the top strategies to secure your generator and thwart potential theft.

Understanding the Risks

The unfortunate reality is that generators are prime targets for theft. Their portability and value make them attractive to opportunistic thieves. Tim, a seasoned expert, emphasizes the importance of proactive security measures derived from personal experience.

Physical Security Measures

1. Anchoring and Enclosures

The primary goal isn’t making theft impossible but rather less enticing. Securing the generator physically involves anchoring it down with cement and substantial bolts. Consider placing it inside a fenced area or purpose-built enclosure, adding layers of protection.

2. Wheel Removal

While it might seem inconvenient, removing the wheels or utilizing quick-release links adds another obstacle for potential thieves. For certain models, custom-made metal brackets can provide added security.

3. Surveillance

Tim highlights the significance of cameras and alarm systems. Strategically placing security cameras and visible alarm signs can deter theft attempts.

4. Visibility and Lighting

Keeping the generator in an open, well-lit area makes it less appealing for theft. Adequate lighting, especially during nighttime use, enhances security by reducing the cover for potential thieves.

5. Utilize Pets and Camouflage

Having a dog or creating an illusion of disinterest through camouflage, like hiding the generator amidst unrelated items, further discourages theft.

Additional Preventative Measures

6. Noise Management

Strategically operating the generator during the day and using stored energy during the night minimizes noise, reducing attention from passersby.

7. Document and Backup

Capturing photos and detailed documentation of the generator, including serial numbers, serves as crucial evidence in case of theft. Utilizing cloud storage for backups ensures this information is secure.

8. GPS Tracking

For high-value generators, investing in GPS trackers offers an additional layer of security, aiding in recovery in case of theft.


Protecting your generator involves a comprehensive approach, blending physical security, strategic placement, and technological tools. Tim’s insights underscore the importance of proactive measures to safeguard your investment.