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How To Take Care Of Car In Snow

As the possibility of winter weather looms over the weekend, it’s crucial to ensure your vehicle is ready to brave the colder temperatures and icy roads. These conditions can significantly impact your car’s performance, but with some proactive measures, you can keep it in top shape while saving money in the process.

Winter undeniably wreaks havoc on our vehicles, prompting the need for expert advice on tackling this challenging season. Alan from Kansas and Roy from Missouri, both seasoned experts, share invaluable tips to help you navigate winter driving effectively.

  1. Wiper Blades: Quality Matters
    When it comes to wiper blades, prioritize those with fewer contact points. Cheaper options tend to create pockets where snow and ice accumulate, affecting visibility. Investing a bit more in quality blades can save you from potential hazards on the road.
  2. Washer Fluid: Opt for Anti-Ice Solutions
    Upgrading your washer fluid to include anti-ice elements like additives is crucial. Products with anti-ice components, capable of enduring temperatures as low as negative 35, ensure clearer visibility during harsh conditions.
  3. Tire Maintenance: The Importance of Pressure
    Opt for all-season tires and regularly monitor their pressure. Tire pressure is sensitive to temperature changes, decreasing as the weather cools. Checking and maintaining the recommended PSI, usually found on the door frame, is essential for safe driving.
  4. Brake Check: Ensure Optimal Functionality
    Regular brake inspections are vital, especially if your vehicle lacks ABS. Locked brakes or hydraulic issues can lead to hazardous situations on icy roads, causing more harm than good.
  5. Battery Assessment: Know Its Age Keeping tabs on your battery’s age is essential. On average, batteries tend to last around four years, although this can vary by region. Ensuring a healthy battery prevents unexpected breakdowns in winter.
  6. Preventing Frozen Locks: Be Proactive
    Prepare for ice storms by purchasing pre-sprays from stores like Advanced Autozone or O’Reilly. These sprays help prevent the formation of ice in locks, ensuring smooth access to your vehicle during freezing weather.

As Gary wisely notes, anticipating potential issues and preparing in advance is key to safeguarding your car during winter. By implementing these expert tips, you can proactively address challenges posed by winter weather, ensuring both your safety and your vehicle’s optimal performance.

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