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Jeep Gladiator Bed Rack Compatible With Tonneau Cover

A round of applause, please! Welcome back to another insightful session dedicated to enhancing your automotive experience. Today’s agenda revolves around the meticulous installation of the RCI 12-inch HD bed rack on the 2022 Jeep Gladiator. Let’s dive into the intricacies of this process, taking you step by step through the seamless setup.

Before plunging into the installation, it’s worth noting the absence of accompanying instructions with this bed rack. However, fear not, as we’ll skillfully navigate this installation despite the lack of a formal guide.

The assembly comprises 13 individual pieces accompanied by a bag of bolts and a few shims. The initial step involves organizing the bolts into individual piles, ensuring a structured approach to the installation process.

A critical element to note is the inclusion of a separate RCI product: the RCI adapters for the tonneau cover. These adapters, totaling six in number, come with accompanying hardware. They are pre-installed beneath the tonneau cover, deliberately kept slightly loose for final adjustments and subsequent drilling to secure them in place.

Moving forward, the installation commences by assembling the side rails and center rail without fastening any hardware. This preliminary step allows for adjustments tailored to the dimensions of the cab, ensuring precise alignment later in the process.

The subsequent phase introduces the RCI bed rack adapters along with their hardware. These adapters are strategically positioned, allowing for a test fit without immediate drilling and bolting. This strategic delay facilitates flexibility in shifting their placement as necessary, ensuring optimal positioning before the final fixation.

The assembly continues with the installment of Z clamps, meticulously placed on both sides and secured in a finger-tight manner. This loose arrangement ensures adaptability for potential adjustments as the installation progresses.

Once the crossbars are in position, assessing their alignment determines the necessity for repositioning the Z brackets. Precise alignment plays a pivotal role in the subsequent steps, ensuring a secure and accurate installation.

In the event of a combined installation with a tonneau cover, prioritizing the bed rack setup before the cover installation prevents potential complications. This sequence prevents inadvertent pinching of clamps, enabling effortless adjustments.

Post-assembly verification involves measuring the spaces between each rail to guarantee uniformity on both sides. This meticulous inspection ensures symmetry and alignment, pivotal for a flawless installation.

A crucial check involves confirming the tonneau cover’s clearance once the rack is in place. This precautionary step eliminates potential hindrances and ensures a smooth operational integration between the cover and the newly installed rack.

With the preliminary setup complete, it’s time to drill into the bed to secure the Z brackets firmly. This phase involves meticulous drilling at predetermined locations to guarantee a snug fit for subsequent bolting.

An unexpected discovery surfaces for those with the trail rail management system, necessitating the temporary removal of a rail section to facilitate the drilling and subsequent bolting process.

With the holes drilled and alignments confirmed, the adapters are securely bolted down, paving the way for the final placement of the rack atop the adapters. This meticulous arrangement ensures a leveled and secure positioning of the bed rack.

As the assembly nears completion, tightening down the brackets and bolts sequentially becomes imperative. Gradual tightening, starting from the bottom and progressing upwards, ensures a balanced and secure attachment.

Completing the installation warrants a final check to ensure smooth closure and operation. Once satisfied with the setup, reinstating any removed components, such as the trail rails, concludes the process.

In conclusion, this detailed walkthrough elucidates the intricate process of installing the RCI 12-inch HD bed rack on the 2022 Jeep Gladiator. Mastering this installation not only enhances functionality but also elevates the aesthetics and utility of your vehicle.

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