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Maximizing Mileage: A Test Drive with the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV2 LT

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. This is Rusty 78609. What you see there is the dash of my 2022 Chevy Bolt EV2 LT. That’s the screen I use. There’s another screen a little more complicated, but what I want to show you is I did a driving test just to see what my actual mileage is, and I’ll give you the results.

Setting the Stage

When I left this morning, that green number on the left showed 140. It showed 247. So when I left this morning, I had 247 miles of range per battery. Now, at the bottom left, there you see the odometer mileage showing 289. Well, when I left this morning, the odometer reading was 144 miles, so the actual miles that I drove was 145 miles, but it only reduced the battery distance by 107 miles.

Deciphering the Data

Now, that may be hard to follow, but let’s break it down. I’ll show you over here on this screen. This is the energy screen on the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV, and it shows that it’s got a plus 55.9 for the technique. In other words, how you drive. Then the terrain, because I was in the Texas Hill Country, shows a minus 23.5. Now, on climate, I’m not sure exactly what that means because it shows a minus 25.7 there, and then right underneath it shows outside temperature plus 11.2. Now, bear in mind that, you know what, maybe it was the humidity. I’m not sure what climate means on this energy screen.

The Driving Experience

Because I was driving slowly, most of the trip, I was driving around 50 miles an hour. I live in an area where there are county roads, and there’s no traffic at all. There was one highway that’s fairly busy that I got on for a little bit and got up to 60 miles an hour for about 20 miles. But the rest of the trip was around 50 miles an hour. You can see how that pays off in increasing your battery driving distance. What that means to me is that I went 145 miles but only reduced the battery distance by 107 miles.

Implications for Range

Based on those numbers, I think I can safely say that I will get over 300 miles of range in average weather we have here in Bracketville, Texas, in southwest Texas. That will probably change in the winter and if there are other climate changes or factors that affect battery distance. But right now, this gives me peace of mind knowing that I am comfortable with the distance I can drive. I could have gone another 145 miles. Actually, I could have gone another 245 miles, I think. Be that as it may, it’s good to know that you don’t need to worry about it.

Unique Circumstances

Now, I am in a unique situation. I’m 77 years old. I don’t do a lot of driving. I don’t have a lot of long commutes and all that stuff. I don’t do a lot of long trips. I just did that today for my own satisfaction and peace of mind to see if this thing really got the distance that it says. In my case, it gets more.

Detailed Data

This screen provides more information than you need. There’s one screen showing the energy impacts, and then you can go up here, and it shows the flow. It’ll show what the battery’s doing at that particular moment, and then you can go to details. It shows that since the last full charge, I’ve only done that once, but it shows that I’m getting 4.2 miles per kilowatt-hour, which is actually a little more than that. It shows that driving and accessories use 90 percent of the energy, 10 percent for the climate settings, and then battery conditioning with zero. But the driving and accessories, what I do, is all that stuff down here at the bottom right below that screen.

Staying Comfortable

I keep the air conditioner on 74 degrees. It’s quite comfortable, even though the outside temperature right now shows to be 87 degrees here in Bracketville, Texas. It was quite comfortable for the whole trip. Bottom line is, for me driving a 2022 Chevy Bolt EV2 LT, I’m very comfortable with the driving distance.

Individual Factors

For other people, who knows? But again, I’ll give you that just right quick. When I left this morning, that green number right here where the 140 is, was 247. Now it’s 140. So that means it was reduced by 107 miles. And then below that is the 289. This is the actual odometer reading. When I left this morning, that was 144, so the actual miles I drove was 145, and the distance was reduced by 107.

Final Thoughts

Wonderful, that’s all I wanted to know. So, if you want a 2022 Chevy Bolt EV2 LT, not a bad choice. Thumbs up, carpe diem, and remember to enjoy your day. Keep your health by staying hydrated, stretching, walking, and standing guard at the door of your mind.


If you want an electric car, would I recommend them? Yeah, I would. It depends on you and all of these numbers that I just gave you. They are totally contingent upon your driving habits. Let me go back to this one screen here. You see this impact up here, technique. That basically means I drove slowly, no jackrabbit starts, none of that stuff, and that’s how I got such a good mileage. And the reason I had a Toyota Prius for a while is because you use a lot of those same driving techniques for this all-electric car. Does it pay off? Hell yeah.

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