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Mazda 6 Grand Touring Vs Grand Touring Reserve

Good morning, everyone! Gabrielle here from Oxmoor Auto Group, and today we’re diving into the world of Mazda 6. Joining us is Cameron, ready to dissect the Grand Touring Reserve and the Signature models, unraveling their distinctions and features.

Unveiling the Grand Touring Reserve

In the gleaming Sonic Silver, the Grand Touring Reserve beckons attention with its impressive features. Cameron highlights the inclusion of the iActive Sense package, a remarkable heads-up display, the allure of a heated steering wheel, and the comfort of ventilated seats. These elements craft a driving experience that’s both secure and luxurious.

Embracing the Grandeur of the Signature

Transitioning to the Grand Touring Signature, the focus shifts to an array of distinct features. Front and rear sensors promise enhanced safety, while the chrome accents gracefully adorn the exterior. Inside, the opulence continues with chrome accents embellishing the seats, coupled with the convenience of a 360-camera system.

Cameron’s insights delineate the nuances, steering enthusiasts toward their tailored preferences within the Mazda 6 offerings.

Your Queries Answered

As Cameron elaborates on these distinctions, an invitation is extended for questions. Whether it’s about these models or any other aspect, the Oxmoor Auto Group team is eager to assist. Contact them directly at 502-515-8785 or explore further details on


The journey through the Mazda 6 variations showcases the dedication of Oxmoor Auto Group to cater to diverse preferences. With Cameron’s expert guidance, the distinctions between the Grand Touring Reserve and Signature models come to light, empowering potential buyers to make an informed choice.