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The Top 5 Crossover SUVs for Towing: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s discussion, we delve into the realm of crossover SUVs and specifically focus on the top performers when it comes to towing. The surge in popularity of crossover SUVs makes this exploration timely, especially with the upcoming summer camping season. Join me as we explore the best options for towing in the crossover SUV category.

The Evolution of Crossover SUVs

Crossover SUVs, often debated for their very existence, refer to the smaller and more streamlined counterparts of the traditional, larger SUVs like the Ford Expedition. Over the years, from the early 90s to the present 2020s, these vehicles have undergone a transformation, becoming smaller, sleeker, and more user-friendly. This evolution responds to the driver’s desire for an enhanced driving experience and improved fuel efficiency.

However, the burning question remains: can these downsized SUVs still handle towing? Let’s find out as we explore the top five crossovers renowned for their towing capabilities.

1. Dodge Durango – Power in a Compact Frame

Taking the lead on our list is the Dodge Durango. Once a larger SUV, it has adapted to the changing landscape by getting smaller while retaining substantial towing capabilities. The 2020 Dodge Durango, equipped with a V6 engine, boasts a towing capacity of 6,200 pounds. Opt for the larger 5.7-liter V8, and you can tow an impressive 8,700 pounds, provided you have the optional tow package, 7-pin wiring harness, and a class four receiver hitch.

2. Land Rover Discovery – Luxury and Towing Prowess

For those willing to invest in both luxury and towing capacity, the Land Rover Discovery stands out. While it comes with a hefty price tag, it can haul up to 8,200 pounds. Additionally, it offers a diesel engine option and features like a backup camera, providing not only opulence but also substantial towing capabilities.

3. Jeep Grand Cherokee – Towing with American Pride

Next on our list is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, a favorite among American SUV enthusiasts. While not reaching the towing capacities of some others on this list, it can still handle towing with ease. The V6 engine allows for towing up to 6,000 pounds, and if you opt for the V8, you can tow around 7,200 pounds. This makes the Grand Cherokee an excellent choice for towing smaller travel trailers, pop-ups, or teardrop trailers.

4. Nissan Pathfinder – Affordability without Compromising Capability

Surprising many, the Nissan Pathfinder earns its place on this list, towing around 6,000 pounds. What sets it apart is its optional tow package, including a receiver mount ball and finisher. Despite receiving some criticism, the Pathfinder’s entry price of $37,000 makes it an economical choice for those entering the camping lifestyle without breaking the bank.

5. Ford Explorer – Reliable Towing in a Compact Package

Closing our list is the Ford Explorer, a name synonymous with towing prowess. While its towing capacities may seem on the lower end compared to others on this list, it still holds its ground. The base four-cylinder engine allows for towing around 5,300 pounds, and the turbocharged V6 increases it to approximately 6,600 pounds. Ford’s reputation for building reliable tow vehicles, as seen in their F150, F250, and F350, makes the Explorer a dependable choice for towing smaller trailers.

In conclusion, choosing the right crossover SUV for towing depends on a blend of preferences, budget, and towing requirements. Each of these five vehicles brings a unique set of features, ensuring you find the perfect balance between driving experience and towing capability. Feel free to share your thoughts on these selections or let us know about your current towing setup in the comments below. Happy towing!

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