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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Ideal SUV

In today’s fast-paced world, finding the perfect vehicle to fit your family’s needs and busy lifestyle can be a real challenge. The hustle and bustle of daily life, from managing kids to handling carpools, often leaves us in a state of chaos. This is where Edmunds comes to the rescue, offering a range of SUVs that could be your answer to a more convenient and comfortable life on the road. If you’re contemplating buying an SUV but don’t know where to begin, this article is tailored just for you. Be sure to visit Edmunds at to find your next car, and let’s delve into what goes into Edmunds’ SUV rankings.

The Edmunds Ranking Process

Edmunds’ rankings are the result of a comprehensive and rigorous evaluation of various SUVs. Their expert test team puts each vehicle through a strenuous workout, assessing factors such as capabilities, spaciousness, and efficiency. These evaluations lead to scores in multiple categories, culminating in the creation of a top-ranking list. This list consists of the best SUV models that have been tested, offering you a selection of vehicles that are truly the cream of the crop.

Small SUVs – The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Efficiency

Small SUVs have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Their compact size, combined with impressive features, makes them a great choice for many drivers. While there are several small SUVs worth considering, the 2022 Volkswagen Taos stands out as a top pick in this category, starting at just over $20,000.

Volkswagen, once renowned for its small sedans, reimagined its fleet to introduce the Taos, a small SUV that packs a punch. What makes it special? It boasts exceptional comfort and one of the best interiors in its class. Despite its compact size, it offers ample space, good fuel economy, and cutting-edge technology, including a powerful sound system that will rival a Bone Thugs-N-Harmony reunion concert. The Taos is the perfect example of a “just right” size vehicle that offers an exceptional driving experience.

Midsize SUVs – Mazda’s Triumph

For years, the Honda CRV held the title of the best small SUV according to Edmunds, but times have changed. In this category, the 2023 Mazda CX50 has outperformed the CRV and is now the top choice. While you’ll find other excellent options like the Mazda CX5 and Hyundai Tucson in this class, the CX50 offers something unique.

The CX50 stands out with its slightly more rugged design, improved off-road and towing capabilities, and engaging handling. It provides ample space, an elevated interior, and an overall appealing look. However, it’s worth noting that its sporty handling gives it a firmer ride, typical of Mazdas, which are known for being among the best-driving vehicles in their class.

Best Midsize SUV – 2022 Honda Passport

The 2022 Honda Passport takes the crown as the best midsize SUV according to Edmunds. Positioned between the compact CRV and the three-row Pilot, the Passport offers a unique blend of rugged aesthetics and enhanced off-road capabilities. It doesn’t feature a third-row seat, but it compensates with cost-efficiency, spaciousness, and a pleasant ride.

The Passport’s ground clearance and available all-wheel-drive system make it an ideal choice for camping and navigating through challenging weather conditions. Whether you have a growing family or need to transport a considerable amount of gear, the Passport has you covered.

Three-Row Midsize SUV – Kia Telluride

If you have a growing family, need to transport plenty of gear, or just want to have room for everyone, the three-row midsize SUV category is the right place to look. Kia’s Telluride has held the top spot as Edmunds’ favorite SUV in this category for three consecutive years.

The Telluride offers a smooth ride, a luxurious interior, and a third row spacious enough to comfortably accommodate large adults. Starting at under $35,000, it can comfortably seat eight people, making it the largest in Kia’s SUV lineup.

Best Large SUV – 2022 Chevy Suburban

For those who require even more space, the 2022 Chevy Suburban is the top pick among large SUVs. Although it may appear imposing from the outside, its interior space is nothing short of impressive. With over 40 cubic feet of storage, expanding to over 90 cubic feet when you fold down the third row, the Suburban is a cavern of convenience.

It delivers a smooth ride, impressive technology features, and respectable fuel efficiency, especially considering its size. The Suburban is the ideal choice for those who need maximum space and utility.

Luxury Subcompact SUV – 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB

Moving into the realm of luxury, we begin with subcompact SUVs, where the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLB takes the lead. This vehicle stands out with exceptional performance and extraordinarily comfortable seats that even come with a massage function. Beyond its pleasant driving experience, the GLB offers ample storage space, capable of accommodating large and bulky items.

Luxury Small SUV – 2022 Genesis GV70

In the small luxury SUV category, the 2022 Genesis GV70 holds a prominent place on our list. This all-new luxury SUV is highly rated due to its spacious interior, generous cargo space, swift handling, and overall composed ride. What’s more, it comes at a more budget-friendly price compared to other luxury SUVs, ensuring you can enjoy a luxurious driving experience without breaking the bank.

Best Luxury Midsize SUV – 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE

For those who require more space and sophistication, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE is a top contender. While it may come at a higher price point, the GLE offers a spacious cabin, sophisticated technology, and a range of performance options that make it a fantastic choice for those who desire a more refined driving experience. The quality and functionality of the GLE’s cabin are second to none, providing ample leg and headroom for all passengers.

Best Luxury Three-Row Midsize SUV – 2022 Audi Q7

If you need more seating capacity without compromising on comfort, the 2022 Audi Q7 is a superb choice. It ranks as the top model in the three-row luxury midsize SUV category, offering a quiet, comfortable, and versatile ride. The front seats are plush and supportive, making long journeys a breeze. However, its infotainment system with a two-touchscreen interface may be a bit overwhelming for those who are not tech-savvy.

Best Large Luxury SUV – 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS

When it comes to large luxury SUVs, the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS is in a league of its own. This three-row SUV provides maximum luxury, comfort, and convenience. It boasts a range of new standard features, including a four-zone automatic climate control system and ventilated seats. The GLS stands out due to its meticulous design, sophistication, and care in every aspect, from its interior to its advanced technology. Despite its size, it maintains impressive fuel efficiency.

Conclusion – Find Your Perfect SUV

No matter your preferences, from compact to large, affordable to luxurious, the world of SUVs offers something for everyone. Whether you opt for a compact gem like the Volkswagen Taos or indulge in the luxury of a Mercedes-Benz, every vehicle on our list promises great comfort and space for its size, ensuring a contented journey for you and your passengers. So, if you’re on the hunt for an SUV that brings happiness to your daily commute, don’t hesitate to hop in and give it a try. And remember, at Edmunds, we have top 10 lists for every category, so you can find the perfect car, truck, or SUV tailored to your needs. Visit to explore our comprehensive selection today.

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